Airspace data management

We organise and provide all necessary airspace information to feed the Network Manager operational systems and the systems of our operational stakeholders.

The purpose of the airspace data management service is to organise and provide all necessary airspace information to feed the Network Manager Operational systems – Integrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System (IFPS) and Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System (ETFMS) – and the systems of our operational stakeholders. The airspace data consists of:

  • ECAC airspace infrastructure (provided by the ANSPs and/or AIP published information adapted for NMOC operations);
  • Operational unpublished data collected from ANSPs (taxi-time, sectorisation, etc.);
  • Specific non AIP data required to perform the ATFCM/ASM function (such as Traffic Volumes);
  • Airspace management operational data required for EAUP/EUUP publication;
  • Restrictions implementation required to validate Flight Plans and ETFMS profile adaptions;
  • Library with addresses for distributing ETFMS/IFPS messages/parameter settings to AOs and ANSPs.

The Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) filters this information and uses it to update the Central Airspace and Capacity Database (CACD), a common airspace data repository feeding operational systems and enabling aeronautical data services. These database updates can be dynamic, semi-dynamic (during the current AIRAC cycle) or static (for the next AIRAC cycles). The airspace data is validated prior to distribution.


The service provides:

  • Central Airspace and Capacity Database (CACD), or environment data updates accessible through the Collaboration Interface for Remote Environment Access (CIREN),
  • environment (ENV) dossier,
  • electronic restrictions published via the Network Manager business-to-business (NM B2B) web services,
  • e-AIM via NM B2B web services and European Airspace Use Plan (EAUP), or Update Airspace Use Plan (UUP) via the Network Operations Portal,
  • restrictions and all the objects that are referred to via NM B2B web services. or via Airspace Utilisation Rules and Availability (AURA restriction parameters, RAD, FRA, FUA, DCT restriction, DCT limitation restriction, PTRs, EU/EURO restrictions, aerodrome flight rule restriction, flight property restriction on the terminal procedures).


This service is only available to EUROCONTROL Member States and the Computerised flight plan service provider (CFSPs) operating flights in the EUROCONTROL area. The applicable procedure is described in the Network Operations Handbook available in our library.

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