Air traffic services reporting officers briefing facility

Our Briefing facility (BF) service is specifically designed to help air traffic services reporting officers (AROs) handle flight plans (FPLs) and related information in an integrated way.

BF processes enables and consolidates all incoming and outgoing aeronautical fixed telecommunication network (AFTN) messages in one simple user-friendly online service.

In addition to the FPL data, the ARO briefing facility can be integrated with our international NOTAM operations service. This enables our customers to automatically generate or schedule a pre-flight information bulletin (PIB) for a flight plan.

Our BF service is the best way to:

  • create and manage flight plans;
  • have a single access point for quality NOTAM information;
  • obtain pre-flight information.


Through our briefing facility, users can:

  • create, validate and distribute FPL and related follow-up messages;
  • manage repetitive FPLs;
  • manage client information and AFTN addresses;
  • monitor the real-traffic situation;
  • identify the status of different FPL;
  • manage incoming and outgoing messages.

The FPL function enables users to create new FPL, manage routes, pre-validate the FPL against SDO data, validate the FPL against IFPUV, save the FPL in the FPL list, send the FPL via AFTN, and generate a Pre-flight Information Bulletin for a specific FPL. The ARO briefing facility also provides a graphical visualisation of flight plans and pre-flight information bulletins.

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