Air traffic management ground voice network coordination

At EUROCONTROL, we coordinate the ATM Ground Voice Network (AGVN). We address and number plan ranges using our online AGVN database.

This repository contains the current ATM voice systems numbering plan and VoIP addressing information. We carry out this function on behalf of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As such, we deliver:

  • annual reports to the ICAO EUR/NAT Regional Office,
  • FAB / State AGVN Reports on demand and
  • AGVN database regular updates.

AGVN database

The AGVN database allows us to administrate current numbering ranges to help with controlled migrations towards VoIP addressing. It also provides ICAO EUR States and the ICAO European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) with detailed information on the current ATM Voice situation in Europe.

The AGVN database is a key element in the evolution to a Europe-wide network environment and an essential enabler for the ATM voice services implementation.

AGVN database

Air traffic services ground voice network database