Aerodrome mapping

Contributing to the definition of industry requirements and of interchange specifications for aerodrome mapping databases

EUROCONTROL supports the standardisation of aerodrome mapping data exchange in the context of SWIM.

This activity involves the encoding of aerodrome mapping data (AMD) using the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM 5.1.1), the encoding of the aerodrome mapping database (AMDB) using the Aerodrome Mapping Exchange Model (AMXM), and the related mappings as captured in the EUROCONTROL Supporting Material for Aerodrome Mapping Data Sets.

The references below are applicable to the processing of aerodrome mapping information.


  • EUROCAE ED-99D - User Requirements for Aerodrome Mapping Information. More info
  • EUROCAE ED-119C - Interchange Standards for Terrain, Obstacle, and Aerodrome Mapping Data

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  • EUROCAE ER-009 - Guidance Material for the Generation of Aerodrome Mapping Databases
  • EUROCONTROL Supporting Material for Aerodrome Mapping Data Sets

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