SWIM registry

System-wide information management registry

Enabling the discovery of SWIM services

Public access Access conditions

Developed by EUROCONTROL, the SWIM service registry contains information services that are implemented based on SWIM standards. It stores structured descriptions that facilitate the discovery and comparability of services.

It provides access to:

  • SWIM service descriptions and
  • SWIM service definitions.

The SWIM service registry is one of the recognised common infrastructure components of SWIM.


The SWIM service registry aims to improve the visibility and accessibility of service information through SWIM. This allows service providers and consumers to share a common view of SWIM services.

It enables service providers to increase visibility and consequent adoption of their services. At the same time, it improves the efficiency of service consumers discovering services that address their needs and facilitates the implementation of consuming interfaces.

The SWIM service registry offers a user-friendly interface, as well as discovery functionality, including search and filtering, for structured and categorized service information and it provides service consumers with a list of service descriptions that are in line with the EUROCONTROL SWIM Specifications.

The SWIM service registry was developed under the INEA/CEF 2014 Transport Call.

Access conditions

The registry is publicly accessible on our dedicated website.