Skyway No. 67 - Autumn/Winter 2017

13 October 2017

The latest edition of the Skyway magazine (Autumn/Winter 2017) focuses on EUROCONTROL's pioneering role in helping to develop and implement new air traffic management (ATM) concepts globally. It also looks at the highs and lows of European ATM performance for 2016.

In this edition, Frank Benner, Director General of EUROCONTROL, looks back over the last few years and identifies some of the most important events of the Agency's recent past. We also talked to Peter F. Dumont, President and Chief Executive Officer of the US Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA).

In this issue


  • Celebrating a half century of innovation at our Experimental Centre
  • EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission appoints Mr Eamonn Brennan as new Director General from 1 January 2018
  • Interest in the European AIS Database (EAD) spikes 
  • European Commission and INEA visit the Network Manager to monitor progress in financed projects
  • Airport CDM – a double celebration
  • MUAC provides fall-back controller working position services to ANA LUX
  • Netherlands Airspace Vision gains new ground with civil-military integration in Dutch upper airspace


  • Flight share by market segment
  • Top airports per market segment
  • Busiest 10 airports
  • Market segments in 2016

Cover story:





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