SESAR Factsheet - Airport Operations Management

5 February 2014

The Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) concept was developed with a view to enhancing the quality of both airport and network operations through the sharing of accurate information.

The SESAR Definition Phase identified the need to build on A-CDM in order to improve situational awareness among airport partners and reinforce the collaborative decisionmaking process. In SESAR, all airport stakeholders, including airlines, the airport operator, the air navigation service provider, ground handlers and de-icing agents, will have access to a common, centralised information source – referred to as the Airport Operations Plan (or AOP). The AOP is a “rolling” plan, which means that it is dynamically updated as a function of the evolving operational situation.

The AOP will also be the principal means by which the integration of airports into the overall ATM network will be achieved.