NetALERT Newsletter Issue 23

7 May 2018

What is encounter modelling? In this issue of NetALERT, we reflect on the benefits of this methodology underlying most of today's safety net testing and consider why its use is ever increasing. We also look at the recent developments in the area of ACAS X - the new airborne collision avoidance system .

The May edition of NetAlert also features two interviews. In the first one, Chris Shaw, manager of the CAFÉ project, explains what EUROCONTROL is doing to validate its performance in Europe. In the second, we hear from Robert Guttman, the Chairman of T-SNUG - a partnership between Thales and ANSP users of the TopSky ATM system, which helps the sharing of experiences on the development and implementation of safety nets.

Read all about it in this edition of NetALERT.

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Safety nets

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