HindSight 26 - Winter 2017

15 December 2017

Welcome to HindSight 26. This issue explores safety at the interfaces between functions, departments, professions, organisations, even countries. None of these does anything of value alone; it is the interaction between them that produces something of value. This requires collaboration, between individuals, between people and machines, and between groups, organisations, and States. But how do we collaborate? What gets in the way of collaboration? How might we collaborate? 

To answer these questions, the authors consider collaboration at six main interfaces: the controller-controller interface, the controller-pilot interface, the colleague-colleague interface, the operations-safety management interface, the controller-management interface and organisational and international interfaces. As well as the safety of air traffic services – the raison d'être of HindSight – we have articles to help learn from elsewhere, concerning collaboration in healthcare, web operations and engineering, and community development. 

Download the full issue, or read each individual article, starting with a foreword by Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager:

"The Network Manager works with 43 states, over 500 airports and around 2,000 aircraft operators, as well as with the military and our aviation neighbours in other continents. So it is no surprise that collaboration is essential in everything we do,” said Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager, in his foreword.



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Like aviation, HindSight magazine is a collaborative endeavour. The magazine is co-produced by controllers, pilots, technologists, designers, and safety and human factors specialists from around 20 countries. There are also some new features, including one called ‘What We Do’. Here, operational readers describe what works for them concerning the theme of the magazine, in fewer than 200 words. HindSight is a magazine aimed primarily at air traffic controllers and professional pilots. So, contact us with what works well for you and your colleagues for the next theme: competence and expertise.

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HindSight is produced for air traffic controllers by the EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement Sub-Group (SISG). Issued twice a year, HindSight aims to help operational air traffic controllers to share in the experiences of other controllers who have been involved in ATM-related safety occurrences. Get your paper or online copy today!



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