High-level Network Operational Framework 2019

12 August 2016

This high level network operational framework, while delivering safer ATM operations, aims to reduce existing ATM constraints to airspace users, exploiting existing and emerging aircraft and ground (CNS, ATC) system capabilities, and exploiting opportunities in the Single European Sky context.

Its major purpose is to support Airspace Users, Airport Operator and ANSP in meeting their business objectives by increasing cost-efficiency through improved network performance, notably capacity and flight efficiency.

This framework, addressing the Network Strategy Plan 2015-2019 operations direction, is characterised by:Seamless and Flexible Airspace, Optimum Capacity and Flight Efficiency Planning, Business Trajectories and Cooperative Traffic Management, Airport - Network Integration.

This High Level Network Operational Framework has been approved on 22 January 2016 (after agreements by NETOPS and NDOP).