EVAIR Safety Bulletin N°18

4 August 2017

For the 18th edition of their Safety Bulletin, as usual, EVAIR cooperated with IATA’s Safety Trend Evaluation and Data Exchange System (STEADES) to produce both European and global ATM safety statistics and trends.

Some 6,700 pilot reports were sent to EVAIR in the summer periods 2012-2016. In the same timeframe, more than 200 Aircraft Operators, including business jets, submitted their occurrence reports. We received more than 15,000 reports from air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in the Call Sign Similarity/Confusion (CSS/CSC) area. Most reports are issued on a daily basis.

Feedback is an EVAIR feature which aligns the Safety Management Systems (SMSs) of Air Operators and Air Navigation Service Providers; it allows causes of the safety issue raised to be identified quickly. After a few years of steady increases in feedback reports, there was a slight decrease in summer 2016. In 2016, 38% of the reports in the EVAIR database were covered by investigation reports compared with 44% in summer 2015. However, the average time for giving feedback improved from 68 days in the previous four summer seasons to 34 days in summer 2016.

The main areas covered by EVAIR statistics are:

  • runway incursions;
  • go-arounds (although a normal phase of flight, go-arounds are associated with other safety issues);
  • ACAS (Aircraft Collision Avoidance System) RAs (Resolution Advisories);
  • level-busts;
  • call sign similarity;
  • loss of communication;
  • laser threats;
  • new, upcoming issues related to RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) and GPS (Global Positioning System).

Besides presenting an analysis of the reports received as well as a summary of conclusions, the EVAIR Safety Bulletin also provides useful references and links to safety plans and tools.

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EUROCONTROL's Voluntary ATM Incident Reporting (EVAIR) Safety Bulletins are based on the reports coming from the airlines and ANSPs.

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