European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP) - Part 2: European ATS Route Network - Version 2017-2021 - Edition July 2017

12 July 2017

This document contains the ATS Route Network ARN Version 2017 - 2019/21 Catalogue of Airspace Projects as Part 2 of the European Route Network Improvement Plan (ERNIP).

It is in response to the European Commission Regulation (EU) No 970/2014 of 12 September 2014 amending Regulation (EU) No 677/2011 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of air traffic management (ATM) network functions.

The ERNIP Part 2 - ARN Version 2017 - 2019/21 provides a consolidated picture of the European airspace structure aimed to deliver a safe and operationally efficient operation of air traffic. It responds to the operational performance targets set for the European ATM network for both RP1 and RP2. It facilitates the development of an airspace structure offering the required level of safety, capacity, flexibility, responsiveness, environmental performance and seamless provision of expeditious air navigation services, with due regard to security and defence needs; ensures regional interconnectivity and interoperability of the European Route Network within the ICAO EUR Region and with adjacent ICAO Regions.

Part 2: European ATS Route Network