EUROCONTROL Specification for Surveillance Data Exchange - Part I - All Purpose Structured EUROCONTROL Surveillance Information Exchange (ASTERIX)

12 November 2015

This EUROCONTROL specification describes the basic rules and procedures to be applied when implementing the ASTERIX data format for the transmission of surveillance related information.

It provides information on the way ASTERIX data is organised, defines the structure of ASTERIX messages and specifies the format conventions to be respected when composing  ASTERIX records.

Finally the ASTERIX addressing scheme is defined as well as the procedure to be followed in the evolution of ASTERIX Category definitions.

This EUROCONTROL specification is the successor of the EUROCONTROL Standard SUR.ET1.ST05.2000-STD-01-01 and supports the Surveillance Performance and Interoperability requirements implementing rule (Regulation (EU) N° 1207/2011) Article 5(1) and Annex III.

Consultation Material ASTERIX Ed. 2.0

EUROCONTROL Specification


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