Civil-Military CNS/ATM Interoperability Roadmap

15 September 2015

The main objective of this Roadmap is to provide technical information to military authorities and ATM (Air Traffic Management) planners so that they can determine the most cost-effective and mission-efficient options to enhance civil-military CNS (Communications Navigation Surveillance) interoperability and technology convergence.

The Roadmap proposes interoperability recommendations, preferably based on performance targets and the re-utilisation of existing military capabilities, with a view to reducing implementation costs. It does not introduce or propose new or additional requirements. On the contrary, it revisits existing ATM/CNS plans and trends, indicating performance-based options, interfacing solutions and technical alternatives for compliance that minimise the institutional, economic, technical and procurement impacts of ATM improvements. Implementation decisions are to be taken by the States and depend on subsequent cost/benefit analysis and performance evaluations.

This Roadmap is purely of a technical nature and is not suited to supporting strategic discussions. Its content is therefore non-binding.

The Roadmap on Enhanced Civil-Military CNS Interoperability and Technology Convergence (Ed. 2.0, dated 17/10/13) was endorsed by the Military ATM Board on 17 October 2013.

Jorge Pereira

Head of CNS Unit