CIMACT: Civil Military ATM Coordination Tool

12 February 2014

CIMACT is a common European product, developed by EUROCONTROL. It provides an Air Traffic Control (ATC) picture on
off-the-shelf PCs, displaying all common forms of surveillance, track and flight plan data, with the ATC tools, filters and safety
nets found in modern Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems.

CIMACT has been developed to improve situational awareness in civil and military control units and to facilitate the exchanges
between civil and military systems, so increasing the safety and efficiency of air navigation.

Given its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, CIMACT has evolved and is being used in several European countries and Functional
Airspace Blocks (FAB) to serve a variety of operational purposes:

  • Civil-Military ATM Coordination and Airspace Management
  • Aerodrome and Approach Control
  • Analysis and Recording
  • Fallback
  • ATM security


For further information please contact:

François CERVO, CIMACT Activity Manager
Jan SCHOLZ, CIMACT Stakeholder Support

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Civil-Military ATM Coordination services support the EUROCONTROL Member States to enhance the capacity, flexibility, efficiency, safety and security of the European aviation network, while accomodating military aviation requirements.