Annual Network Operations Report 2018 - consultation

1 April 2019

The Annual Network Operations Report for 2018 is now available for stakeholder consultation and comments.

The main report provides a high level view of the performance of the European ATM network in 2018.

Annex I provides an airspace user's view on how the network performed in 2018, whilst Annex II contains a traffic and capacity evolution of each ACC in 2018, as well as the view of some of those ACCs on their performance over the summer. Annex III contains capacity, delay, arrival/departure punctuality status and a NM assessment of a list of relevant airports, in terms of 2018 performance.

Consultation Process

If you wish to provide feedback or comments on the reports, please e-mail the Network Manager Operations Performance team by 24 April 2019.

Network Manager Operational Performance team

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