Annual Network Operations Report 2017

27 April 2018

The Annual Network Operations Report for 2017 and its three annexes are now finalised following a successful consultation period.

The main report gives a high level view of the performance of the European ATM network in 2017. Annex I contains the airspace users’ opinion on the network performance. Annex II provides a traffic and capacity evolution of each ACC, as well as the view of some of those ACCs on their performance over the summer. Annex III contains capacity, delay, arrival/departure punctuality status and a NM performance assessment of each of the significant airports in 2017.

In the report

The Network Manager (NM) area saw 10.6 million flights in 2017, a 4.4% increase compared to 2016.

Traffic in July, August and September was the highest ever recorded, with the busiest day for the network being 30 June with 35,937 flights. All the main market segments contributed to the strong traffic growth. Flights originating from Western Europe (especially the South-west axis flows) were the highest contributors to this traffic growth together with a recovery of traffic in the Russian Federation.

Airline reported delay (all causes) was 12.31 minutes per flight (+9% compared to 2016), 44% of which being reactionary delay. En-route ATFM delay was at 0.88 min per flight (0.86 min/flt in 2016) despite the high demand.

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The monthly Network Operations Report overview provides a high level view of the performance of the European ATM network, whilst the analysis provides a detailed view. To stay up-to-date on the latest network performance, subscribe to the Network Operations monthly report.


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