Annual Network Operations Report 2016

8 May 2017

The consultation period of the Annual Network Operations Report for 2016 has now finished and the final version is available for download.

The Network Operations Report 2016 provides a high level view of the performance of the European ATM network in 2016. Annex I provides an airspace user's view on how the network performed in 2016, whilst Annex II provides a detailed analysis of ATC capacity evolution within the ECAC States. Annex III contains capacity, delay, arrival/departure punctuality status and a NM performance assessment of each of the significant airports in 2016.

The target audience of our performance reports are ATM professionals including air navigation service providers, airport operators and aircraft operators.

The monthly Network Operations Report overview provides a high level view of the performance of the European ATM network, whilst the analysis provides a detailed view. To stay up-to-date on the latest network performance, subscribe to the Network Operations monthly report.


Network Manager Operational Performance team

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