Small emitters tool (SET) - 2019

Emissions calculator

The small emitters tool (SET) is updated on a regular basis with fuel burn samples provided from volunteer aircraft operators yearly in order to make it as accurate as possible and consistent with real life operations.

Different versions of the tool are available depending on the year the flight was operated. Version 5.09 is to be used for flights operated in 2019.

This version improves modelling of A124, A20N, DH8A, E550, FA8X as they are now based on real life fuel burn samples and also the modelling of “equivalent” models for A19N (with A20N), A338 (with A332), A339 (with A333) and DH8B (with DH8A) based on the ratio of respective declared masses in aircraft operators fleets.


Small emitters tool - For traffic emissions 2019