Skyway - Spring/Summer 2020

Environment: Rethinking European Aviation
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Our latest Skyway magazine is now out. This time we look at aviation's impact on the environment and what we can do to minimise it.

In this 72nd issue, we heed warnings from industry leaders, explore what actions are taken by stakeholders and at a European level and how we help to envision the cleaner, smarter and more efficient aviation sector of tomorrow.

"Europe's aviation industry has a critical role to play in this process. For too long we have been seen as a major part of the problem, rather than an integral part of the solution..."

Eamonn Brennan Director General EUROCONTROL

From the community

Skyway has always raised eyebrows with engaging articles by prominent leaders and critical thinkers from across the aviation industry and this month this is especially true. Check out our latest issue with articles on: 

  • For the industry to have a long-term future it has to be financially and environmentally sustainable by Willie Walsh, Chief Executive Officer, IAG;
  • Making the global aviation industry more sustainable is part of our mission by Pieter Elbers, President & CEO, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines;
  • Aviation, climate change and the EU by Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director General, Climate Action, European Commission;
  • Europe must reduce its emissions further and faster by Filip Cornelis, Director for Aviation, DG Move, European Commission;
  • Fighting Flygskam by Michael Gill, Director Aviation Environment, IATA;
  • The climate emergency is propelling the aviation sector towards a new economic model by Olivier Jankovec, Director General, ACI EUROPE;
  • PANSA 2020: A year of challenges and A6 Alliance presidency by Janusz Janiszewski, CEO of PANSA and Chairman of the A6 Alliance Steering Board.
  • Sustainable aviation fuels: 2020 could be a turning point by César Velarde Catolfi-Salvoni, Aviation and Environment Consultant

And these are just the beginning. Download our full issue below to find the full articles and more. Also, be sure to subscribe to get your latest issue as it is published in a digital, or print format.


Skyway is EUROCONTROL's official magazine. Launched in 1996 Skyway has developed into an authoritative voice, examining in depth the major challenges to improving air traffic management (ATM) performance in Europe and globally.


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Skyway No. 72 - Spring/Summer 2020