Severe Weather Risk Management Survey - Final Report

Effective management of severe weather impact on the ATM system and flight operations is of great significance for improving the safety and cost-efficiency of aircraft operations and ATC service provision in Europe, in particular in congested airspaces. 

Severe weather phenomena disrupt air traffic flows and generate significant delays. If not managed properly, hazards to aviation associated to severe weather can lead to unsafe, high level of workload of pilots and controllers, and ultimately to losses of separation and aircraft accidents.

In 2011, on stakeholder request a Network Severe Weather procedure project was established by the Network Manager in EUROCONTROL in order to improve the support provided to ATC centres in managing the risk to aircraft operations caused by severe convective weather. The development of an effective severe weather risk management and coordination procedure should take due account of local ATC centres’ capabilities, infrastructure, procedures and practices for severe weather impact management and how these elements could support the network severe weather procedure. Therefore a dedicated severe weather risk management survey was carried out in 2012.

The survey scope covered the entire chain of severe weather impact and risk management starting with weather forecasting by meteorological offices, addressing pre-tactical management by FMPs and the Network Manager and concluding with the deployment of tactical measures by ATC and pilots.


Severe Weather Risk Management Survey - Final Report