Secondary Surveillance Radar Code Allocation List for the ICAO EUR Region (CAL)

ICAO EUR DOC 023 Attachment

The SSR Code Allocation List for the ICAO EUR Region (CAL) documents the agreed allocation of SSR codes to States and air traffic system (ATS) units.

The document also lists in detail all codes serving both transit and local purposes.

At EUROCONTROL, we maintain and publish the CAL on behalf of the EUR/NAT Office of ICAO as an attachment to EUR Doc 023.

This document is part of the European Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) Code Management Plan. It has been established to provide States in the ICAO EUR Region with the means to coordinate the use of the SSR codes based on the principles of the Originating Region Code Assignment Method (ORCAM) and enhanced ORCAM (eORCAM), which provide for the most efficient and economical use of codes.


Secondary Surveillance Radar Code allocation list for the ICAO EUR Region Sheet