Reporting Assumptions and Descriptions

This document contains some specific reporting transformation rules or specific filters applied in the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) monthly reporting (e.g. NM monthly Network Operations Report (NOR), Monthly Summary per ACC, Monthly Summary per Airport).

The document covers 8 scenarios:

  • Section 1 contains the transformation rules mapping the operation regulation causes of delay into new reporting group of causes of delay.
  • Section 2 describes the computation of the ATFM delay and its categorization.
  • Section 3 contains the list of published Statistical AUA in our en route reporting, together with the list of excluded ones (for duplicate reason for example) and “TMA” ones.
  • Section 4 contains the CFMU AUA compositions of the published Statistical AUA.
  • Section 5 contains the CFMU TVS compositions of the published Statistical TVS.
  • Section 6 contains the history of the Summer Delay Forecast and Annual Delay Optimum and Traffic Forecast for ACC entities.
  • Section 7 contains the list of Statistical ACC Axis Groups.
  • Section 8 contains the definition of the different geographical zones used in the OAR reporting. A additional table shows the zones used in some specific reports.


Reporting Assumptions & Descriptions V6.38 – Dated, approved and published on 27 May 2024