Report on the operation of the route charges system in 2018

The CRCO operates the Route Charges System on behalf of the Contracting States.

 Aircraft operators are charged a single amount per flight, irrespective of the number of States overflown. Bills are established by the CRCO, using flight messages sent by the Contracting States' Route Charges Offices (RCOs) and additional flight information made available via the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Directorate (NMD). The CRCO bills aircraft operators on a monthly basis, collects charges, and disburses the amounts collected to the States every week.

In 2018, 40 States participated in the Route Charges System.

The documents below provide an overview of the major developments of the EUROCONTROL Route Charges System as well as the cost-bases, unit rates and statistical information on the operations of the system.


The 2018 Report on the Operation of the Route Charges System