Real-time simulation - Dublin TMA

Implementation of a Point merge system

This document details the results and evaluation of a real-time simulation (RTS) based on the implementation of a Point Merge system (PMS) in Dublin TMA.

This activity was carried out in March 2010 at the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre, in the framework of the Dublin TMA2012 project of the Irish Aviation Authority.This simulation forms part of a series of validation and prototyping exercises aimed at investigating the operational feasibility, efficiency and benefits of solutions based on the use of precision area navigation (P-RNAV) route structure in TMA and the Point Merge system, with the main focus on arrival flows. The analysis presented in the document addresses the impact of Point Merge on procedures and working methods, controller roles and human and system performances. It has shown that, provided the mitigations highlighted are satisfactorily addressed, TMA2012 Point Merge operations can be implemented successfully and can provide the expected and significant benefits to the airlines using the Dublin TMA and enhancements to the services provided by the Irish Aviation Authority.


Real-time simulation - Dublin TMA 2012