Raising the bar: Building "EUROCONTROL 2030"

Technology, innovation, international engagement, and people are the key drivers that will allow us to achieve our goals and keep delivering tangible added value to the aviation community
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Raising the bar: Building EUROCONTROL 2030

"As I start my tenure, I am very aware that EUROCONTROL today is a highly respected institution, at the heart of European aviation. For this achievement, I would like to thank my predecessor, Eamonn, and recognise the many successes of his time in office.

"In the past two years, we have seen events move faster than the overall ability to control them: pandemic, war, economic crisis, and climate change. None of these challenges can be solved quickly or easily but a solution to any of them will require that we listen to one another and work together. It is paramount that we focus on our common interests, not on occasional differences, and that we reaffirm our commitment to build back better. This is what I see as the key to our success, and this is the work I want to carry out at EUROCONTROL.

"My ambition for my mandate is to take European aviation to the next level, moving fully into the digital era, overcoming the challenge of efficiently managing traffic growth, including the current significant increase of military aviation activities, and taking a leading role in supporting the transition to green aviation. To achieve this, I will build on our excellent foundations, focus on deepening the cooperation with our Member States on both civil and military levels, as well as with the operational stakeholders and the European institutions."

- Raúl Medina
  EUROCONTROL Director General

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Raising the Bar: Building "EUROCONTROL 2030"