Performance Review Commission Aim and Objectives

In June 2018, the Provisional Council (PC/49) supported and endorsed the PRC’s Aim and Objectives 2018+, which are as follows

The PRC’s strength lies in its independent measurement, assessment and review of Pan-European Air Navigation Services (ANS) performance, its ability to take a long term view and the use of ‘light-touch’ (i.e. non-regulatory) tools such as benchmarking, best practices and transparency - an approach which brings added value to the separate economic regulation.


The PRC’s aim is to remain independent of States, stakeholders, the EUROCONTROL Agency and all other parties in its task of providing objective, independent and carefully researched analyses and recommendations in order to ensure a safe, strong, objective and transparent EUROCONTROL Pan-European Performance Review System.

Through its work, the PRC strives to contribute to the improvement of the Pan-European Air Navigation Services (ANS) system. The PRC supports the implementation of the legislative provisions of the Single European Sky and ensures that its tasks complement those of the Performance Review Body of the Single European Sky, avoiding overlaps and ensuring that there is maximum synergy.


Performance Review Commission Aim and Objectives 2018+