Operational testing instructions

NM OPT session planned 07 September 2023 – 06 October 2023

This document provides instructions to external users for participating to the NM MAINT-1 Operational Testing (OPT) session.

This Test Plan defines the purpose, scope, procedures and schedule of activities for the Operational Testing (OPT) of new software release of MAINT-1. 

The intended audience of this Test Plan is all EUR region States, Airports, Aircraft Operators and all other ANSPs, Regions and Organisations.

The testing activities described in this document are intended to address the software changes introduced within the MAINT-1 release.

This document describes only the testing activities involving external participation where stakeholders are encouraged to participate. It does not include the various EUROCONTROL Network Manager internal testing activities i.e. Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing and Integration Testing.

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NM MAINT-1 OPT Instructions