Network Performance Plan 2020-2024

Draft version

This document contains the Network Performance Plan (NPP) for Reference Period 3 (RP3) 2020-2024, in compliance with the Performance Regulation (EU) 317/2019 and the ATM Network Function Regulation (EU) 123/2019 (NF regulation). The NPP was developed in accordance with the template in Annex III of the Performance regulation.

This performance plan for the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) contains performance targets for all relevant key performance areas and key performance indicators in Annex I, Section 3 of the Performance regulation, consistent with the Union-wide performance targets.

Without prejudice, and for practical purposes, the network management functions apply to EU Member States, EUROCONTROL States and third parties with bilateral agreements with NM1, referenced throughout the document as the NM area. The scope of the targets and objectives defined in NPP is consistent with this pan-European approach.

The EUROCONTROL NM targets are fully compliant with Performance regulation 317/2019 and the targets defined in the Article 2-4 of the Decision 2019/903/EU for the 28 EU Member States plus Norway and Switzerland, referenced throughout the document as the SES area.

NM has defined a number of additional performance indicators to monitor, analyse and take corrective actions in regard of the NM and network performance see Appendix II. 

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Network Performance Plan 2020-2024