Network Operations Report - May 2019

Traffic in May 2019 increased by 1.1% compared to May 2018 and was at the low end of the forecast published in February 2019.

Six states added more than 50 flights daily to the network with Italy, Spain and France as the top contributors.

En-route ATFM delays (56,436 min/daily) decreased by 31.3% and airport ATFM delays (19,704 min/daily) increased by 6.5% compared to May 2018 which had high delays due to weather and ATC industrial action.

There were, on average, 1,284 daily flights with an en-route ATFM delay of at least 15 minutes (-29.6% compared to May 2018).



  • French ATC industrial action from 08 to 10 May generated ATC disruptions delay in French ACCs, with additional delays in neighbouring states;
  • High en-route capacity delays in Karlsruhe, Langen, Vienna, Budapest and Bremen ACCs;
  • ATC staffing issues in Karlsruhe, Langen, Marseille and Brussels ACCs ;


  • Thunderstorms impacted strongly operations at Frankfurt/Main airport;
  • Aerodrome capacity issues and familiarisation with the new electronic flight strips at Amsterdam/Schiphol airport generated high delays;

The average en-route ATFM delay per flight in the NM area in May was 1.77 min/flt, which is well above the corresponding monthly guideline value of 0.49 min/flt. The average YTD en-route ATFM delay per flight in 2019 in the NM area is 0.95 min/flt which is three times the corresponding guideline of 0.27 min.


Network Operations Report May 2019 - Overview
Network Operations Report May 2019 - Analysis