Network Operations Report - March 2020

Monthly Network Operations Report - cover

The March edition our Network Operations Report is out.

This edition of our monthly publication by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager gives an overview of the performance of the European ATM network. Here’s a quick look at how the network performed in March 2020.

Traffic in March 2020

16,128 flt/day

operated in the EUROCONTROL Network Manager area in March 2020.

499,968 flt

number of flights in March 2020.

41.1 %

less flights compared to March 2019

87.9 %

largest traffic reduction recorded on 29 March 2020 (compared to 2019)

Delay factors

Given the traffic levels, particularly in the second of half of March, there were few network events requiring flow management protective measures. The two significant events were:

  • French ATC industrial action until 09 March generated high ATFM delay;
  • Spanish authorities introduced a staff reduction programme to manage the effect of COVID-19 that resulted in ATFM protective measures.

Download the March overview of how the network performed.


Network Operations Report for March 2020