Network Operations Report - June 2020

Monthly Network Operations Report - cover

The June edition our Network Operations Report is out.

This edition of our monthly publication by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager gives an overview of the performance of the European ATM network. Here’s a quick look at how the network performed in June 2020.

Traffic in June 2020


flights in June 2020

79.0 %

less flights compared to June 2019


average daily traffic

16.3 %

cargo and passenger cargo flights


The EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) continued monitoring the operational situation, coordinated lifting of restrictions and held weekly ad-hoc coordination meetings to share network status. In addition, NM led the preparation of the Network Operation Plan - 2020 Recovery Plan that outlines how the network will achieve an orderly return to expected traffic and capacity levels in the coming months.

Download our overview of how the network performed. In the current circumstances, we will maintain the monthly overview of the Network Operations Report, but will suspend the detailed analysis report.


Network Operations Report for June 2020