Network Operations Report - June 2019

Traffic in June 2019 increased by 1.4% compared to June 2018 and was below the baseline forecast published in February 2019.

Last week of June was the busiest ever week for the network, with a record of 37,228 flights on Friday 28 June.

Seven states added more than 50 flights daily to the network with France, Italy and Spain as the top contributors.

En-route ATFM delays (97,651 min/daily) decreased by 12.0% and airport ATFM delays (26,982 min/daily) increased by 12.8% compared to June 2018 which had high delays due to weather.

There were, on average, 2,389 daily flights with an en-route ATFM delay of at least 15 minutes (-11.8% compared to June 2018).



  • Convective activity impacted operations strongly in Vienna, and to a lesser extent in Karlsruhe, Budapest and Marseille ACCs;
  • High en-route capacity delays in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Budapest ACCs;
  • High ATC staffing issues in Marseille ACC;


  • Thunderstorms impacted strongly operations at Frankfurt/Main and Amsterdam/Schiphol airport;
  • Aerodrome capacity issues at Amsterdam/Schiphol airport generated high delays;
  • High delays at Athens airport despite an overall increase in ATC Capacity in both Airport and TMA to meet the demand.

The average en-route ATFM delay per flight in the NM area in June was 2.82 min/flt, which is well above the corresponding monthly guideline value of 0.92 min/flt. The average YTD en-route ATFM delay per flight in 2019 in the NM area is 1.32 min/flt which is three times the corresponding guideline of 0.40 min.


Network Operations Report June 2019 - Overview
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