Network Operations Report - February 2020

Monthly Network Operations Report - cover

The February edition our Network Operations Report is out.

This monthly publication by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager gives an overview and in-depth analysis of the performance of the European ATM network. Here’s a quick look at how the network performed in February 2020.

Traffic in February 2020

25,728 flt/day

operated in the EUROCONTROL Network Manager area in February 2020.

2.6 %

traffic decrease compared to February 2019.

Traffic growth

6 States

adding more than 20 flights per day to the network.

5 airports

from our top 10 airports list registered positive traffic growth.

En-route ATFM delay


average en-route ATFM delay in min/day

71.3 %

increase compared to February 2019

408 flt/day

with at least 15 min of en-route ATFCM delay

Average delay per flight

0.80 min/flt

average en-route ATFM delay per flight

0.28 min/flt

monthly delay guideline value.

Airport delay


average airport ATFM delay in min/day

20.1 %

decrease compared to February 2019

Contributing factors

  • Several French ATC industrial actions throughout the month generated high delays in French ACCs such as Brest, Marseille
    and Paris;
  • Strong winds impacted operations strongly at Amsterdam/Schiphol and London/Heathrow airports;
  • High delay due to ATC capacity and staffing in Karlsruhe UAC.

For a deeper dive in how the network performed in February 2020, download our report’s overview and analysis.


Network Operations Report for February 2020 - Overview
Network Operations Report for February 2020 - Analysis