Network Manager Release Notes NM-27 / MAINT-1 / MAINT-2

Implementation 2023-2024

This page is dedicated to the Release Notes of the major NM-27.0 release, deployed in April 2023, and for the minor releases (MAINT.x) which will then be deployed in the course of 2023-2024.

The NM Release Notes describe the updates (new or modified functions) delivered by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager (NM) as part of the NM software Release. The purpose of these documents is to give users of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Services advance notice of modifications to enable them to anticipate any impact on their operational procedures and/or systems.

The NM Release Notes include many changes arising from different sources and coordinated via various fora. They allow the implementation of new functionalities to cope with the EUROCONTROL Network Manager business plans.

The NM Release Notes page is organised as a series of documents describing, and refining over time, the functions currently under development for future Release. Other functions which are being considered for possible development but are not yet considered as mature are mentioned for awareness, but might be removed from the NM Release Notes in the course of the Release development.


NM MAINT-2 Release Notes - Edition 3
NM MAINT-2 Release Notes - Edition 2
NM MAINT-2 Release Notes - Edition 1
NM MAINT-1 Release Notes - Edition 3
NM MAINT-1 Release Notes - Edition 2
NM MAINT-1 Release Notes - Edition 1
NM-27.0 Release Notes - Edition 7
NM-27.0 Release Notes - Edition 6
NM-27.0 Release Notes - Edition 5
NM-27.0 Release Notes - Edition 4
NM-27.0 Release Notes - Edition 3
NM-27.0 Release Notes - Edition 2
NM-27.0 Release Notes - Edition 1