Network Manager Annual Report 2022

Network Manager Annual Report 2022

The Network Manager Annual Report looks at the network performance in 2022.

2022 was yet another complicated year for aviation. While recovery has been strong – just under 90% of 2019, and in some parts of the network traffic was higher than in 2019 - volatility and complexity remained.

The welcomed recovery was stifled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, whose impact on aviation continues to be significant. The increased traffic has to be squeezed into less than 80% of normally available airspace. In the rest of Europe, we saw an increase in ATFM delays due to ATC capacity shortages happening simultaneously with several major ATM systems upgrades at major ACCs.

Throughout 2022, the Network Manager and operational stakeholders combined their efforts to support Ukrainian aviation and keep operations manageable and help prevent blockages across the network. The NMB made strategic decisions to support the operations, network development and improve performance – for example the High-Level Network CONOPS 2029 - providing a high-level target of the activities towards the implementation of the Network Strategy Plan.

Throughout the year, the NM and governing bodies worked on various axes to improve and maintain the European Network:

  • Extensive preparations for summer 2022, including through the Netowrk Operaions Plan (NOP) 2022-2026 and the weekly Rolling NOP;
  • Good network co-operation for major ATM systems changes, with lessons learned for the future;
  • CNS Network Infrastructure activities, including management of common services, monitoring of key European infrastructures, and preparation of future infrastructure;
  • Co-operative decision-making, which proved essential to make sound decisions for the network;
  • Continuation of NM's flagship business improvement initiatives, including the Airspace Re-structuring programme and the Operational Excellence programme;
  • Progress on the integrated Network Manager (iNM) project, designed to move NM's legacy systems towards digital products.

"2021 is a very important year for NM as it is the year where digital transformation has started with great inputs despite still heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Digital transformation is at the heart of our future and is already happening. A clear example was the early introduction of the 365 environment, which enabled us to keep working efficiently during the COVID lock down periods: we will do more, saving time and energy, cutting routine work to focus on value"

The NM Annual Report for 2022 covers the topics above and also provides information about Budgetary matters, investment, expenditure and revenues, network performance and the activities of the NM per function, including network:

  • monitoring, reporting and infrastructure sharing, 
  • planning,
  • operations,
  • crisis management,
  • interference and
  • safety, scarce resources management.

You can also find information about network strategic planning and challenges for the future.


Network Manager Annual Report 2022