Network 4D Trajectory CONOPS

The Network 4D Trajectory CONOPS 2029 is built on current European network operations, on the strategic direction and objectives, as defined in the Network Strategy Plan (NSP) 2020-2029 approved through Commission Implementing Decision (EU) No 2019/2167 of 17 December 2019 and contributes to the achievement of network-related objectives as defined in the Common Project One (CP1) - Commission Implementing Regulation No 2021/116.

The 4DT CONOPS aims to detail the improvements for the end-to-end 4D trajectory management described in the High Level Network Operations Framework for 2029. This CONOPS is an essential pre-requisite for iNM, in order to provide to the iNM contractor a visibility at conceptual level what is expected concerning the management of 4D trajectories. This CONOPS will be the baseline for drafting of operational/user requirements for iNM. This CONOPS might be used by all Network actors to drive their planning and investments for achieving a common goal for cooperative trajectory management at Network level. The CONOPS could be used to derive the common trajectory management requirements for other Stakeholders.

Its objectives include:

  • Optimising 4D trajectory calculations, utilizing meteorological data and coordinated airport information.
  • Defining information sharing among trajectory actors to support collaborative decision-making.
  • Pre-tactical planning
  • Describing trajectory management processes throughout the flight lifecycle, from scheduling to arrival.
  • Elaborating on supporting environmentally performant fleet innovations, military operations, suborbital flights, and UTM growth.
  • Documenting EUROCONTROL's role in ensuring trajectory quality and availability.
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of key network actors in 2029.
  • Describing processes and procedures for Network 4D Trajectory management.
  • Identifying required enablers and developing an indicative implementation roadmap.
  • Aligning the concept with global trajectory management principles and aviation initiatives.

This document was approved by NMB/36 on 4 July 2023 (after agreements by NETOPS and NDOP).

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Network 4D Trajectory CONOPS