Monthly adjusted unit rates - May 2023

The unit rates and tariffs for en-route and terminal charges are established by each EUROCONTROL Member State.

Information circulars contain the applicable unit rate, a description of exemptions, VAT and other details, the conditions of payment and other practical information.

Each EUROCONTROL Member State establishes the unit rate of en-route charges (basic unit rate) levied in the airspace for which it is responsible. In November of each year, the enlarged Commission approves the basic unit rates for the following year.

Basic unit rates are adjusted every month if the national currency of a Member State is not the euro. The monthly unit rate is recalculated by applying an exchange rate between the euro and the national currency. This exchange rate is the average of the “closing cross rate” calculated by Reuters on the basis of the daily BID rate, for the preceding month.

These monthly adjusted unit rates are presented in two versions below - a pdf version for readers and a txt version, ready to be uploaded into our RSO Distance Tool.


May 2023 adjustment unit rates (pdf)
May 2023 adjustment unit rates (txt)