Market segment rules

We have a definition for air traffic market segments based on lists of aircraft types, aircraft operators and the ICAO flight types filed on flight plans.

It is used in several reports and analysis to monitor and track the changes of the segments through time. The documents help to better understand the traffic trends in Europe. The market segment definitions have been reviewed regularly with the last important revision dated back to 2016.

In 2022, the EUROCONTROL market segment rules were reviewed and updated to better define the distribution of IFR movements across different types of traffic. The ‘traditional scheduled’ segment was split into ‘regional’ and ‘mainline’. Additional refinements were made to the other segments. The new rules are detailed in the document "EUROCONTROL Market segment update 2022".

The market segment rules available below constitute the rules for classification of low-cost, all-cargo and business aviation types of flights. In 2022, we added a new ‘regional’ segment.


EUROCONTROL Market segment update 2022
Market segment rules 2022 (for flights since 2019)
Market segment rules 2016 (for flights before 2019)
Market segment rules 2012