Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) Annual Report 2022

Performance through innovation
MUAC 2022 Annual Report Cover

Looking back on 2022, the MUAC traffic followed the global trend with the positive signs of recovery being seen in line with the forecasts. As well as the good throughput and low delay, MUAC made great strides in 2022 to ramp up its services to airlines via the ATM-Portal.

Thanks to the recovery plan developed by the MUAC team and traffic recovery, MUAC resumed normal operations in 2022 after the enormous challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This recovery was handled very safely thanks to the conscious decision to keep training throughout the pandemic.

Many other important improvements were achieved in 2022 that will keep MUAC at the forefront of ATM:

  • the operational introduction of ADS-C (this is another first for MUAC),
  • the implementation of the Hannover Global Top sector, and
  • the redesign of the Hannover and DeCo sector boundaries.

The impact of the war in Ukraine also deserves a special mention. The disruption was quite significant at the very start of the conflict, but the MUAC team responded extremely well in such a high-pressure situation and was able to meet to the needs of all military partners. In addition, the air traffic controller cross-training efforts to support the MUAC Special Operations Group proved invaluable.

2022 ended on a high note at the annual customer consultation in Amsterdam, where the participants engaged with the MUAC team and provided significant positive feedback and encouragement for the work done.

Learn more about MUAC's performance and development programmes in the 2022 MUAC Annual Report.


Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) Annual Report 2022