Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) Annual Report 2021

Performance through innovation
MUAC 2021 Annual Report Cover

Looking back on 2021, the MUAC traffic followed the global trend with the positive signs of recovery being seen in the latter part of the year.

Traffic was handled safely and efficiently, with next to no delay and the environmental performance was very strong with traffic following the shortest routes through the MUAC airspace.

Despite the challenges, MUAC continued to develop in 2021. Some of the key milestones were the launch of the world’s first live operational trial to prevent the formation of contrails, the signing of the SAS3 Cooperation Agreement, two significant airspace changes on the boundary with DFS Karlsruhe and the creation of a ‘global top’ layer in our Hannover Sector Group.

2021 ended on a high note at our annual customer consultation where the participants (representatives from airlines, military partners and states) rated their appreciation for the MUAC services at 97.5% - a record over the many years that we have been running these meetings!

Learn more about MUAC’s performance and development programmes in the 2021 MUAC Annual Report.


Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) Annual Report 2021