Landing without ATC clearance

Operational safety study

This study has identified the four potential prevention barriers and the four potential mitigation barriers that could, if implemented and applied, achieve the highest safety gain.

The EUROCONTROL Safety Improvement Sub-Group (SISG), reporting to the EUROCONTROL Safety Team, was tasked to identify the Top 5 ATM Operational Safety Priorities.

SISG performed a review during summer 2012 and involved a series of dedicated workshops with 6 ANSPs, representing a large part of European air traffic.

Comprehensive barrier models - Safety Functions Maps (SAFMAPs) - were developed and populated with representative data from the participating ANSPs. The incident data is for high severity (classified as ‘A’ and ‘B’) events, which are on one side thoroughly investigated and on the other side - highly informative because of the incident scenarios ‘test’ the majority of the available safety barriers.


Landing without ATC clearance - Operational safety study