Introducing Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Advanced RNP (A-RNP)

This information note explains ICAO’s performance based navigation concept and introduces the advanced RNP specification as the successor in Europe to B-RNAV and P-RNAV. Prepared by EUROCONTROL, this non-technical brief is intended primarily for airspace planners with a view to demonstrating the link that exists between airspace design and navigation capability. This brief provides a general understanding of PBN and its implementation within European airspace.


The continued growth of traffic and the need to provide greater flight efficiency makes it necessary to optimize available airspace. This is being achieved world-wide by enhanced Air Traffic Management and by exploiting technological advancements in the fields of Communication, Navigation and Surveillance. More specifically, the application of area navigation techniques in all flight phases contributes directly to improved airspace optimisation. Area navigation is enabled by the use of an on-board navigation computer commonly referred to as a RNAV system.

RNAV system capabilities are increasingly being exploited with a view to maximizing airspace resources. To this end, both flight crew and ATC need to understand RNAV system capabilities and ensure that these match airspace requirements. The use of RNAV systems lies at the core of Performance Based Navigation (PBN), which introduces approval requirements for use of these systems in airspace implementations.


Introducing Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Advanced RNP (A-RNP)