Introducing the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC)

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre, NMOC, evolved from the Central Flow Management Unit, which began tactical operations in 1995. Today, it plays a pivotal role in managing, streamlining and improving air traffic operations in Europe, with a strong network-minded approach.

NMOC is run for the benefit of EUROCONTROL’s 41 Member States and its two Comprehensive Agreement States, Israel and Morocco. The European Commission reappointed EUROCONTROL as Europe’s Network Manager until 2029.

At NMOC, we aim to make the best possible use of the airspace capacity that is available. We do this by collaborating with civil and military airspace users, aviation organisations and states in Europe and beyond.

We exchange information with countries across the ICAO European region and beyond to improve traffic flows from the regional to the global level, enhance traffic predictability and increase network capacity.

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Introducing the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre