Intermediate Two-year Forecast of Service Units - May 2019

This report presents the EUROCONTROL intermediate 2-year forecast of en-route service units (TSU), May 2019 release.

Since the beginning of the year, the fragile economic growth in Europe as well as flight cancellations due to industrial actions, airline failures and other unplanned events have been capping the flight growth rate (compared to the same period last year). Over the first four months of 2019, European IFR flights remained on average 2.1% above the 2018 traffic levels (same period), in line with the low scenario of the February 2019 forecast.

This is the second Service Units Forecast for 2019. The next edition, providing a forecast for 2019 - 2025 based on data for 1999/2001 to August 2019, is planned to be released in September 2019.


Intermediate two-year Forecast of Service Units – May 2019