Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) Baseline Human Machine Interface (HMI) Description

This document describes the current HMI design and functionality of the EUROCONTROL Integrated Tower Working Position (ITWP) BASELINE software as of 08 April 2020, and as included in the eDEP 20.1 release.

This document describes the general behaviour and design of the different functions available in ITWP. It includes:

  • a breakdown and description of the main functional elements that make up the ITWP software;
  • an overview of how traffic is managed in ITWP as it passes between controller working positions;
  • a description of the general display principles that are applied across all controller working positions;
  • a breakdown of all the different graphical elements in the ITWP display.

Each element is listed describing their purpose, appearance and the behaviour they provide on each controller working position.

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ITWP Baseline Human Machine Interface (HMI) Description