Industry Monitor - September 2019

Our latest bulletin on air transport trends is out.

The Industry Monitor is a regular briefing for EUROCONTROL Member States and associated organisations on the air transport and related industries.

In this issue, we focus on slow traffic growth, rising oil and tickets prices, decreasing carbon costs and many more developments from the aviation industry.


+ 0.4 %

ECAC area flights in August 2019 compared to 2018

25.9 / tonne

average EU carbon prices for September 2019

56.3 / barrel

oil prices for September 2019

+ 1.1 %

ticket prices in August 2019 compared to 2018

IFR flights/day in ECAC

European flights in the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) area recorded the lowest growth rate so far this year with a forecast for a similarly low growth rate for September.


Learn more in the full bulletin.


Industry Monitor 212 - September 2019