Industry Monitor- November 2018

The Industry Monitor is a regular briefing for EUROCONTROL Member States and associated organisations on the air transport and related industries.

It covers matters of relevance for understanding air transport statistics or preparing air transport forecasts.

In this issue we focus on several topics, including: 

  • Since the beginning of 2018 (January-September), European flights remained on average 3.5% above the 2017 levels. Growth in the summer months (June to August) was particularly strong and averaged at 3.8%. The updated forecast is for 3.7% more flights for Europe in 2018.
  • IATA has forecast global air passenger numbers to double by 2037 to 8.2 billion per year.
  • Airline ticket prices were on average 1.1% more expensive during the first nine months of 2018 compared with a year 
  • Oil prices have risen to a four-year high in October to hit €71 per barrel and were up 25% on January 2018.


Industry Monitor - November 2018