Impact of ATM related strikes on the European ATM network

Impact of ATM related strikes on the European ATM network cover

The European air traffic management (ATM) system is under significant pressure to improve its performance. Since 2012, ATM performance is regulated, monitored and overseen at the European level in the areas of capacity, environment, cost-efficiency and safety.

Whereas industrial action normally occurs relatively few times a year and for a limited duration, the impact of each event can create major traffic disruptions which are particularly challenging for the European network. Generally, ATM strikes result in a reduction in staff resources to control air traffic in the European ATM network. To ensure safety as a matter of priority, ATM strikes inevitably result in a reduction of capacity in the airspace of the ACC/State concerned and also in congestion in the airspace of neighbouring States/ACCs.

ATM related strikes are today subject to a close monitoring by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager with the contribution of all operational stakeholders. Coordinated management takes place in order to mitigate their impact. However, they cannot all be addressed in the same way, as their level of predictability, their impact and their nature can differ.

Purpose of this study

The study was carried out by EUROCONTROL on the request of the European Commission. This study has four main tasks:

  1. It establishes a baseline showing impacts of strikes on the entire European network on the basis of strikes that took place in the years 2018-2022 for both arrivals/departures and overflights;
  2. It puts forward a list of possible mitigating measures to be analysed;
  3. It analyses (locally and network-wide) impacts of a number of possible mitigating measures identified on the basis of the 2017 study compared to the baseline;
  4. It proposes a ranking of the possible mitigating measures according to their impacts (locally and network-wide) and their practical feasibility

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Impact of ATM related strikes on the European ATM network