Human Factors Integration in ATM System Design

White paper
An air traffic controller controlling a virtual airspace using hand gestures.

For several years, progressive safety experts and scientists have been developing new and pro-active approaches to capturing and understanding safety in complex systems.

It is not so much a question of recording when the system is not functioning but rather of understanding successful operation. This is where Human Factors and Ergonomics (HF/E) needs to question whether they want to design safety or just prevent 'unsafety'. A proactive design of safety in this new perspective goes far beyond prevention and risk mitigation.

This white paper proposes basic principles for a better integration of HF/E in system design. Download it to learn more. 

The white paper was co-authored by EUROCONTROL and DFS under a grant from EUROCONTROL and developed by Andre Perott and Nils Tavares Schader under the lead of DFS’s Joerg Leonhardt and EUROCONTROL’s Tony Licu, the co-chairs of EUROCONTROL Safety Human Performance Sub-Group. It was presented at a joint EUROCONTROL, ENAIRE and DFS conference on  System Thinking and Human Factors.


White paper on Human Factors Integration in ATM System Design